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as a nonmember observer state. many jewish groups denounced the u.n. action, saying it undermines future peace negotiations with israel. some u.s. christian and muslim leaders supported the move. the palestinians were not granted full u.n. membership, but their upgraded status could allow them access to other u.n. and international bodies, including the international criminal court where they could possibly bring charges against israel. the united states was one of nine nations that voted against the resolution. >>> in egypt, seven coptic christians and a controversial american pastor have been sentenced to death over an anti-islam film that sparked massive protests in several muslim countries in september. but the sentences can not be carried out since none of the eight lives in egypt. a u.s.-muslim organization urged the court to drop the charges, saying the prophet muhammed taught forgiveness. florida pastor terry jones was among those sentenced for promoting the film. in 2010, jones caused international outrage after he threatened to burn copies of the koran. >>>a neinterfaith center backe
of the capitol christmas tree, although they were deadlocked on matters. religious groups advocated for action on the fiscal cliff and other issues. a coalition of religious leaders, law enforcement and business people urged lawmakers to prioritize immigration reform. the group included both liberal and conservative clergy who called for legislation that respects the dignitiy of immigrants and creates a pathway to citizenship and secures the border. >> it's time to secure on you values, values that include, faith and hope and charity. >> jewish groups are divided over israel's plans to construct new settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. the controversial announcement came a day after the united nations voted last week to recognize palestine as a nonmember state. the union for reformed judaism called is a challenge, but it denounced the u.n. vote as counter-productive to peace. >>> a prominent group of orthodox rabbis meanwhile voiced its support for israel's decision. >>> in a letter released by the vet c vatican this week, the pope issued new rules for charities that identify thems
this unprecedented action. >> throwing out doma would not require all states to recognize gay marriage, but striking prop 8 possibly could. a number of mainstream religious groups do not support gay marriage. >> authentic, biblical, historic, orthodox christianity has always affirmed marriage being one man and one woman. >> and the court in new york addressed the religious concerns, distinguishing civil marriage from holy matrimony. judge dennis jacob wrote "the law is not concerned with holy matrimony. a state may enforce and dissolve a couple's marriage, but it cannot sanctify or bless it. for that, the pair must go next door." that the country has become more tolerant of homosexuality would seem to be unmistakable, and it may also be irreversible. for religion & ethics newsweekly, i'm tim o'brien in washington. >>> for more on religious groups and same-sex marriage, i am joined by kim lawton, managing editor of this program. kim, this is a tremendously powerful and divisive issue for religious groups isn't it? >> it is and these cases are going to be really,eally important for these religious
, covering this for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. there is often a back lash of people who think it is going too fas sohe supme crtay put the brakes on it. i think this year showed in very stark relief that this issue is moving much faster and much clearer. in a much clearer direction than i think it has. >> excuse me. i was going to say it is a really tough issue for the religious community in particular. you have very different opinions within the religious community. some of the strongest opposition to this is coming from evangelicals, roman catholics. obviously at the grassroots, people are divided. younger evangelicals tend to be more tolerance of it. you have strong opposition who see it as an issue of faith. a moral issue. biblically mandated. that makesett tough. there are religious groups who call it an equality issue and support gay marriage as a matter of justice and equality. a lot of arguments happening within congregations as well. >> i think the most important political event on the gay rights issue seemed to have nothing to do with politics. it
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)